Tools & Utilities

SDKs, IDEs, and utilities for transpiling ActionScript to JavaScript

SDKs & Transpilers

Apache FlexJS logo

Apache FlexJS™

Developer SDK with command line compilers for ActionScript and MXML. Can transpile to JavaScript for the web browser or build SWF files for the Adobe Flash runtimes. Build applications using either the FlexJS framework or use pure ActionScript with your favorite libraries like jQuery, CreateJS, and Pixi.js.

License: Apache 2.0. Requirements: Java Runtime.

Hello World with Apache FlexJS Apache Flex SDK Installer

Editors & IDEs

Visual Studio Code logo

Visual Studio Code

An open source extension for ActionScript development built on the popular open source, cross-platform text editor from Microsoft.

Open Source

NextGenAS Extension for VSCode

IntelliJ IDEA logo

IntelliJ IDEA Ultimate

A popular, multi-language IDE that includes robust support for ActionScript and Apache Flex.

Commercial, with Free Trial

Tutorial: Create a project in IntelliJ IDEA Official Website

FDT logo


An Eclipse plugin for web and interactive, multi-platform development with ActionScript and more.

Commercial and Free editions available

Tutorial: Create a project in FDT Official Website

Command Line Utilities

asconfigc logo


A utility that reads asconfig.json and compiles an ActionScript project from the command line. Use the same project configuration from Visual Studio Code with asconfigc on the command line.

License: Apache 2.0. Requirements: Node.js.

asconfigc Github project

dts2as logo


A command line utility that converts TypeScript definitions (d.ts files) for JavaScript libraries into SWC files. Use these SWCs with Apache FlexJS for strict compile-time type checking, as if the JavaScript library were written in ActionScript. Add the SWCs to IDEs, like Flash Builder and IntelliJ IDEA, and you'll get helpful code suggestions as you type.

License: Apache 2.0. Requirements: Node.js.

Tutorial: How to use dts2as dts2as Github project