Use ActionScript in a web browser... without a plug-in.

You tried JavaScript, but real-world projects need proper classes and strict compile-time type checking. What can you do when clients demand HTML5?

What if you could ditch the plug-in — but keep using ActionScript?

The next generation of ActionScript transpiles to JavaScript, and it can integrate with libraries like CreateJS and Pixi.js. Strict types, and a display list? Now we're talking!

Learn how to get started

ActionScript evolved

  • Proper classes, interfaces, and packages for larger projects that need more than JavaScript.
  • Runs in a web browser, but you don't need a plug-in.
  • Bring the power of ActionScript beyond the browser — to Node.js, Cordova, and everywhere that you can run JavaScript.

Use popular JS libraries

  • Libraries written in JavaScript can be exposed to ActionScript using special "extern" SWCs.
  • Get API suggestions in your IDE, and the compiler will check types for you.
  • The dts2as utility gives you access to a huge library of existing type definitions.

Your favorite tools

Use one of many familiar ActionScript development environments.

How to get the SDK and transpiler

Option 1: Apache Flex SDK Installer

Use the official installer to download Apache FlexJS.

Download SDK Installer

Option 2: Node Package Manager

Apache FlexJS is available on NPM for Node.js.

npm install -g flexjs
Photo of Josh Freeney

I was completely blown away by a demo this afternoon. @NextGenAS is making serious progress! Contribute today.

Josh Freeney, YETi CGI
Photo of Nimai Malle

It was a pretty unreal feeling to see ActionScript producing something that can run directly in the browser!

Nimai Malle, Bee Cave Games

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